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Sage Words is a charming collection of illustrated poetry and spoken word pieces that gracefully captures the vulnerability and imperfection that make us beautiful. Each poem has been lovingly hand-lettered and illustrated, giving each one its own experience to ease us out of our minds and gently place the focus on our hearts.


sage words illustrated poetry book by author and poet jet widick illustration by kimberly taylor-pestell

Sage Words, An Illustrated Collection of Poems by Jet Widick

Sage Words illustrated poetry book and ebook, hardcover, 26 pages, 7×7 inches, published August 19, 2016
ISBN 9781367334762

Hand lettering and illustration by Kimberly K. Taylor-Pestell
Creative direction and design by Kristen Alden

Jet Widick’s beautiful collection is what so many of us are thinking, except that it’s penned—and with such creativity and voice. “Hands” tugs at your heart strings and “Dimples” does exactly what it intends, makes you smile. It’s the right size for a coffee table or, better yet, a gift for someone special. It’s hopeful, which makes it perfect for a loved one or for yourself, to have close at hand when you need a bit of inspiration.


Jay Barbree, New York Times bestselling author wrote:
When it comes to using words as a carrier of thought and meaning, Jet Widick’s charming poetry is unmatched. Her book of poems, Sage Words, is a warm and welcome companion, especially when you are alone.
Jerry Palen, artist and creator of the Stampede Cartoon Series wrote:
This is not just a book of poetry, it’s also an art book. Author Jet Widick draws the reader, poetically and artistically, into looking at one’s day and finding new ways of seeing what could be mundane turn into a quirky spiritual happening. And that is what art is. It reminds one of something in life we may have forgotten.
James T. Robilotta, professional speaker and author of Leading Imperfectly wrote:
So often we complicate life. We get in our own way and the stories we tell ourselves are often not kind. Jet Widick’s playful poetry in Sage Words gets the reader to press pause on her or his life. Asks them to look around and take a minute to soak in the little things that make us smile. One after the next, her poems remind the reader that the details in our daily lives can be the splash of color that we need to brighten our days.
sage words illustrated poetry book by author and poet jet widick illustration by kimberly taylor-pestell