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Sage Smiles is the final accompaniment to Sage Words and Sage Spirit, a poetic journey in three parts. In this colorful and uplifting visual poetry book, Jet’s words envelop us with a gentle reminder that we don’t have to look far for things that warm our soul. We can find it in everyday things like nature, a hug, the stars, our favorite keepsake, or a steaming cup of coffee. Each word is brought to life by Kimberly Kuniko’s signature illustration style, making the book a beautiful gift or keepsake. Whether you’re starting a new chapter of your own story, or simply searching for ways to live with more intention, curiosity and joy, this book will inspire you to connect with the present and appreciate the sizable importance of small, simple things.


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Sage Smiles, An Illustrated Collection of Poetry by Jet Widick

Sage Smiles illustrated poetry book, hardcover and ebook, 28 pages, 8.5×8.5 inches, published May 22, 2023
ISBN 9781088111925

Hand lettering and illustration by Kimberly 國子 Taylor-Pestell
Creative direction and design by Kristen Alden

Sage Smiles is a beautiful visual poetry book that champions life’s small joys. Jet Widick’s poems illuminate life’s simplest pleasures, including enjoying a cup of coffee alongside a copy of Rumi’s poetry just as the sun rises in “Sweet Sips”. Or the beauty of animals grazing on gentle hills is noted in the poem “Antelopes”. The passion that the collaborating writer and artist demonstrate is infectious, lending an upbeat charm to easy-reading verses, replete with pithy truths and charming illustrations.

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Steve Broback, cofounder of Dent The Future and coauthor of Publish and Prosper: Blogging for Your Business wrote:
Sage Smiles, is a beautiful collection that celebrates the goodness and joy of everyday life. Jet’s poetry and Kimberly’s imagery serves to remind us of the small miracles we are surrounded by. The book is a testament to their optimism and hope for the future. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants a respite from the stresses of everyday life, and is pursuing personal growth and self-actualization.
Jeana Jorgensen of Foreword reviews wrote:
Metaphor and rhyme are among the primary poetic devices used, and the poems are short, akin to Zen koans that inspire meditation on a given topic. One standout poem, “What Is” begins: “There are no classes to teach what is / Nevertheless—it was ingrained in me / Starting early—love shown daily / warm-hearted souls” and concludes with “everlasting tenderness.” The use of both end-line and slant rhymes, as well as similes like “hugs velvety soft as suede,” results in visceral warmth. Wry and witty, with creative formatting to further its surprises and inspirational power, Sage Smiles is a collection that encourages reflections on joy and connection.
Lisa Euker, writer and studio director for RPM Agency wrote:
The collection of poems in Sage Smiles is an embrace of the daily joys of life. Jet Widick’s writing shines a spotlight on gratitude, positivity, and a reminder of the wonder in all that surrounds us. The thoughtful words, hand lettering, and illustrations offer a reflection and appreciation for the moments that bring a smile to our faces. 
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