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Jet Widick Interviews, Videos and Articles

Here you can view author and poet Jet Widick’s latest interviews, videos and articles. You can also catch-up with Jet by subscribing to her YouTube channel, visiting her Gluten Free Sage website, or following events on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Snapshot Session: Dent 2017

There are unexpected events that aren’t a part of our life’s master plan—like an accident or illness—that bring our attention to our own fragility. It takes great effort to find the courage to face life’s challenges with a firm belief and a proactive perspective. Join Denter and Gluten Free Sage founder Jet Widick on stage for a fireside chat interview about her work and life changing experience.


Insight Interviews: Eye On Sun Valley

Health and illness are conditions of the whole individual: physical, spiritual, mental, emotional, genetic, environmental, social, and other factors. Being strong will open your world to your athletic side, the activist in you, or even your inner artist. Eye On Sun Valley’s Lynn Pattnosh speaks with Jet Widick, Gluten Free Sage founder and Dent presenter, in this Insight Interview on Sun Valley Live.