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Poet and Author Jet Widick

Poet and author Jet Widick is also a former nurse and founder of Gluten Free Sage, a weekly wellness blog that promotes the power of perspective and the ability to heal through a healthful lifestyle and artful experiences.

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Poetry has always been an essential part of Jet Widick’s life, but it wasn’t until her celiac diagnosis—after 15 years of living with a mystery illness—when she discovered how emotional strength and good health can open up one’s world to inspiration and desire, both which propel a person into the realm of possibility and shift the way we perceive our own capabilities.

That’s where the name Jet comes in.

Her sons gave her the nickname Jet (short for Jeanette) once she became healthy and transformed herself; destined and determined to grow into the mighty oak tree from the acorn. The name embodies her journey of self-exploration, fueled by her love of nature, and taking off with tremendous creative energy and vitality.

The natural world has so many advantages from inspiration to health benefits. The best gift I’ve received from exploring the majesty of this impressive world we live in and its royal beauty is how it opened up my heart to writing poetry, and to my inner artist.


I write in bits and short bursts—sort of what it feels like to wiggle in and out of boulders as you climb up a mountain. The greatness of the colors, the mountain air, the peace, the blues and earthy hues enhance my thoughts and turn off the distractions; then it all comes spilling out like one of those narrow creeks down the side of the mountain after a big rain.

Jet Widick’s complex, yet simple poetry is a reminder to live in the moment and to wake up to nature’s everyday miracles. Her poems are full of warmth, conscience, fortitude and whimsy, and cover a range of themes that reflect the lovely little things that make up our everyday lives—which so often go unnoticed—yet are truly the most important ones of all.

Jet Widick has written and published three illustrated poetry books Sage Words (August, 2016) and Sage Spirit (February, 2017), both hand-lettered by Southern California artist Kimberly Taylor-Pestell, and White Wild Indigo (September 2017), her collaboration with NYC-based children’s book artist Annie Moor. She has also produced a Poetry In Motion series of animated poems excerpted from her Sage books. Her most recent book and creative collaboration with Kristen Alden, Gluten Free Soul Pilot (November 2018), is a self-care guide accompanied by poems and original recipes that combine authentic Italian dishes and cooking for the gluten-free diet.