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Sage Spirit

An Illustrated Collection of Poems by Jet Widick

sage spirit illustrated collection of poetry jet widick poet author writer
Editions:Hardcover - First Edition: $ 37.99
ISBN: 9781366337863
Size: 7.00 x 7.00 in
Pages: 26

Sage Spirit, book and ebook, hardcover, 26 pages, illustrated by Kimberly K. Taylor-Pestell
ISBN 9781366337863
sage words poetry book hand lettered illustrated collection of poems by jet widick poet author writer

Sage Spirit is a companion to Sage Words, both collections of beautifully hand-lettered and illustrated poetry written from the heart. Each poem has been wrapped in the same kind of love and unwavering devotion that created them; giving each one its own experience to ease us out of our minds and gently place the focus on our hearts.


sage spirit poetry book illustrated collection of poems by jet widick poet author writer

Reviews:Dr. Joe MacInnis, physician-scientist, author, poet and deep-sea explorer wrote:

Sweet words from a sage and savvy spirit. Full of wit and wisdom.

Ellen Petry Leanse, author and leadership coach wrote:

Jet's thoughtful poems, set to beautiful one-of-a-kind illustrations, wrap you in hope, humor and encouragement. They bring perspective to life's everyday problems and big questions, all with a note of understanding. If you need a reminder to stay appreciative, to check in with your self-confidence, or to ignite creativity for your next idea, check in with these books. Open any page and feel the boost!

Ian Koblick, explorer, aquanaut and co-author of Living and Working in the Sea wrote:

Sage Spirit is a book of art with words to match. Truly felt and meaningful. It will bring a smile to your heart — morning, noon or night.

"Battered, Not Broken" from Jet Widick's Sage Words and Sage Spirit Poetry In Motion Series

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