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22 Things is a beautifully designed and delightful mix of Jet Widick’s poetic musings in alternating rhymes, rhyming couplets, internal rhymes, half rhymes, and free verse. Each poem is a reminder of the power of the present moment, and how in the present, something strange begins to happen. One discovers freedom and space to explore the nature of their true self. How in the now, life becomes bright and beautiful.


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22 Things

22 Things poetry book, paperback, 46 pages, 5×8 inches, published March 22, 2019, ISBN 9780578489797

Creative direction and design by Kristen Alden

Jet Widick’s fourth book of poems features themes and topics around self-love, acceptance, and appreciating the details that turn an ordinary moment into the extraordinary. Her words encourage us to reflect on what brings us joy and to remove ourselves from the distractions that take us away from the vital things that mean the most to us; the things that bring lasting happiness and fulfillment.

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